Our company ENEX trade, Ltd. It has had more success in dealing problematikyspracovania and recovery so.
"In situ". Here are some references from completed projects to date:

In the months of October to December 2010, we processed and evaluated nearly 180 tons of HDPE containers for Golden Well Company, Inc. in width. The project lasted for two and a half months.

In the month of July 2011 our company worked as a subcontractor and evaluated for TOPVAR Breweries, Inc. TopoKany približne460 tonnes of glass bottles and 190 tons of HDPE containers. This project has consisted in the fact that it is emptied from the crates and bottles they were processed in parallel and crates and bottles.

During the project TopoKany yet taken place and disposal of bottles of operation TOPVAR Breweries, Inc. in Velky Saris where všetkyfľaše had emptied out of containers as well as in Topolcany. There was a one-time amount of waste recovered 250 tons of glass.

Subsequently, in December 2011 we won the tender for the disposal of 110 tons of HDPE empty crates from the brewery TOPVAR, Inc. in Velky Saris. In view of the upcoming Christmas this project had to be implemented as quickly as possible. The project we have been able to realize for 9 calendar days.
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