About us

The company ENEX trade, Ltd. It was established in June 2010. Its creation was driven by the growth of the portfolio of activities and the personnel for filling its predecessor, the company Ing. Peter Plekanec - EKOS P & P, which for more than 18 years she worked in the environmental field as a consulting company.
In order to get closer to our customers in February 2012 we opened a branch in Vranov Topľou and in January 2013 in Bratislava.
Our company is able through its own network as well as external professional assistance and cooperating companies to respond to a wide spectrum of requirements of our clients in the creation and protection of the environment and the processing of documentation for this area.
Kľúčové informácie:
  • independent Slovak company active in the field of environment
  • complete or partial implementation of project solutions and in:
  • advisory and consultancy and legislation in the area
  • Outsourcing obligations under environmental protection legislation
  • management of environmental projects
  • treatment and recovery of packaging and their waste
  • studies and analyzes in the field of environment
  • support for the industrial and municipal sectors
  • versatility and flexibility in solution design
  • personal contact and customized solutions is a must for us
Our team members are also co-creators
current legislation on the environment and participate in the preparation of the new.
The expertise of our company is to guarantee education, completed training courses, appropriate licenses and certificates and verified many years of experience of our staff during his time in various positions in renowned Slovak and multinational companies in addressing environmental protection, waste management and municipal issues.
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