Containers MOLOK

Since April 2013, we have become an authorized partner of semi underground waste collection system - Moloko. The Finnish manufacturer is considered the founder Partly underground waste collection system containers. The system invented and first implemented in 1991 by Veikko Salli, owner and CEO of Molok Oy in Fínsku.Denne are worldwide used by more than 120,000 containers of this type.
  • exportation shall be provided common crane
  • large capacity
  • longer intervals exports
  • less exports
  • lower costs for export
Advantages and benefits Partly underground containers:
  • vertical collection method - gravity forces the waste is compacted under its own weight
  • 40% of the container is visible, the remaining 60% are installed in the ground to a depth of 1.5 meters
  • the oldest of the waste is covered by the most recent waste
  • cold land development keeps bacteria at a low level, so the waste does not smell.
  • filling lid is light and easy otvoriteľné and includes an integrated strut:
  • It allows you to use both hands when spillage
  • avoids unnecessary opening the lid (wind, ...)
  • export of waste interval may be adjusted (larger volume containers) reduces the frequency of traffic.

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