Trade in secondary raw materials helps our suppliers and customers to find a mutually satisfactory deal quality and cost.
In 2011, our company has traded nearly 2,000 tons of secondary raw materials.
In 2012, it was already nearly 4,000 tons.
The main part of our business portfolio consists of materials such as:
  • HDPE crates, containers
  • PP palety, factory scrap
  • PET bottles, granulates, flakes
  • HDPE a PP bottles
  • PS discs and relocation, film
  • ABS/PC-ABS of electrical
    and others...
All waste or other goods traded in the following format:
  • Bulk - for transportation in big bulk bagoch or use the transport technology for bulk materials
  • (HNK containers, gritters, ...)
  • Pressed - size packages of 50-400 kg
  • Crushed - fraction 8-12 mm
  • Granular - quality fraction and according to current offer
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